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industry & services SYS-DATSYS-DAT offers management solutions for all sectors of the market, in Italy and overseas. The partner we have chosen in order to guarantee success for your business is SAP: indeed, SYS-DAT is a SAP Business One Gold Partner.  

Choosing SAP means:

  • Market leader: 30 years on, SAP continues to be the world’s top software producer.
  • State-of-the-art technology: SAP offers technologically-advanced management solutions that guarantee stability and reliability.
  • Internationalisation: SAP solutions are used worldwide and the admin, finance and monitoring of every software package is localised and aligned to the specific laws of every country.

In addition to the guarantee that the SAP brand provides, we see considerable added value in terms of a professionalism consolidated over more than 40 years.


  • Experience: in-depth experience of the operational cycles of every sector of industry qualifies our consultants to assist our clients in their choices;
  • Customisation: we start from the SAP management solution. With ERP SAP Business One we have developed:
  • Specific solutions adapted for every industry sector;
  • Specific solutions for analytical accounting and business management for any sector of industry;
  • Solutions for specific processes;
  • Solutions for process production and for single-cycle production
  • Quality: good customer liaison and a quality service have always been our priorities.

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