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sanita healtcare sys-dat

SYS-DAT: specific solutions for Private Hospitals, Private Clinics, Doctor’s Surgeries, Diagnostic Imaging Centres and Path Labs for comprehensive management of each hospital service provider.

Healthcare Information System (HIS) is a suite of fast-install programs, easily customisable and fully integrated into SAP Business One.

Within HIS all health services management is integrated with administrative management through a unique interface, one sole database and has integrated administrative and health processes. The software comprises the following:

  • Administrative Area: Budgeting, General Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Warehousing, Purchasing, Human Resources etc.
  • Health/Administrative Area: CUP, Appointments, Invoicing, Health Records, Meals, Accommodation Services, Waiting Lists etc.
  • Health Area: Report Writing, Imaging Diagnostics, Path Lab, Medical and Nursing Records, etc.


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